Loony Tuned

These songs could be called folk, but the main thing is that they are funny!

Stay Tuned String Band

Quartet Edition

Our first CD.  An exciting mix of folk and old-time gospel songs.

Stay Tuned String Band © 2019

Liner Notes for our Five Albums 

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Tryin' to Get to Heaven

Gospel, gospel and more gospel!

 Favorites requested by bluegrass and church audiences. 

​All Tuned Up

          With friends Barb Milosevich and Neal Peck. 

       Vocal and instrumentals in a broad range of styles.  

Out and About

Traditional and recent music from the British Isles and America.  

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 1.    I’ll Wear a White Robe (Public domain) An excellent bluegrass gospel number previously recorded by the Bluegrass Cardinals and Ralph Stanley (Rebel 1590).  Dan leads a cappella.
2.    The Escape of Old John Webb (trad.) Arr. by T. Drake for the Kingston Trio; (Unichappell Music)  A Scots ballad from Maine, ca. 1737, and a variation of Child 187 and 188. Linda banjo, Jenny guitar.
3.    Go Tell John (Greg Sublett, The Acapella Company).  A contemporary gospel number arranged by The Rarely Herd, an outstanding Ohio-based bluegrass band.  Dan leads a cappella.
4.    Drifting too Far From the Shore (Public Domain: Charles E. Moody, 1923) arr. Emmylou Harris (Almo Music Corp.). Classic gospel. Linda leads and plays guitar, Dan mandolin, Jenny harmonica.
5.    Sorry the Day I was Married (Eng. Trad.).  A cautionary tale of love and loss.  Linda leads a cappella.
6.    Cool Water (Bob Nolan; Music of the West).  Dan leads and plays guitar; Linda trailing echo.
7.    Everlasting Hills of Home (Lonnie Craft, F. Garner).  An excellent but obscure gospel song recorded in the 1970's by the Humbert Brothers and played on Sunday bluegrass radio shows.  Linda leads and plays banjo; Dan guitar.
8.    That Lonesome Road (Don Grolnick and James Taylor) (Country Road Music).  Dan leads a cappella.
9.    Frankie and Johnny (Trad.) Another cautionary love tale.  Linda and Bob duet; Linda banjo, Jenny and Dan guitar.
10.  Tenting Tonight (Public domain, Walter Kittredge ca. 1864).  Civil War classic.  Dan harmonica and lead, Linda banjo, Jenny guitar.
11.   Down in the Valley to Pray (Trad.).  From an album by Walt Michaels.  Dan leads a cappella.  There are many versions of this song.  The best known today is Alison Krause’s from O Brother Where Art Thou.  Ours is slightly more upbeat.
12.  Paddy Works on the Railway (Trad. ca. 1850). Bob leads and plays washboard, Linda hammered dulcimer, Dan guitar.
1.     Don’t You Want to Go to Heaven?  Written by Wally Fowler, a founder of the group that became the Oak Ridge Boys, and Paul Kinsey; our version is based on the arrangement by Robin and Linda Williams.  Dan leads a cappella.
2.    Keep On the Sunny Side  A.P. Carter, arr. Ian Tyson and Sylvia Fricker.  More recently popularized in O Brother, Where Art Thou?  Linda leads and Dan harmonizes on verses; Jenny plays joyful AutoHarp and harmonica; Dan guitar, Bob one-string bass.
3.     Blessed Quietness  A Salvation Army standard written by M.P. Ferguson, ca. 1897.  Learned from the British group Beggars Velvet.  Dan leads, with interlacing harmonies by Jenny, Bob and Linda; Linda lever harp, guitar.
4.     Rise Up Lazarus  A rousing number by Emory Gordy, Jr. and Patty Loveless.  Dan leads and guitar; Bob one-string bass.
5.     Go Tell John Greg Sublett, Anthony K. Music; arrangement by permission of The Rarely Herd, an outstanding Ohio-based bluegrass band.  Linda remixed a recording from our first CD (Quartet Edition).  She felt the song too good to leave off this compilation of our favorites.  Based on a story told in the gospels of Sts. Matthew (11) and Luke (7).  Dan leads a cappella.
6.    By the Mark  An excellent song written in recent years by David Rawlings and Gillian Welch in the old-time country style.  Linda leads and banjo; Dan guitar.
7.     Father I Stretch My Hand to Thee  A standard by many Gospel quartets.  Our arrangement is based on that of the Nashville Bluegrass Band.  Dan leads a cappella.
8.     Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill  Trad., as recorded by Wilma Lee and Stony Cooper.  Linda and Dan sing; Dan on guitar.
9.     I Like the Old Time Way  P.D. (Joseph L. “Smilin’ Joe” Roper).  Bob leads on this happy favorite.  Dan guitar, Jenny AutoHarp; Linda hammer dulcimer, Bob one-string bass.
10.  Fishers of Men A stunner written by Becky Buller (Good Night Sparky Music) and recorded by Rhonda Vincent.  Linda leads a cappella.
11.   Children Go Where I Send Thee  Trad., arr. Ricky Skaggs.  Deservedly popular with folk, bluegrass and gospel groups.  Dan shines on vocal lead and guitar.
12.    Oh Lord, Don’t Leave Me Here  Trad. Many versions.  Ours is from the Virginia-based bluegrass group, The Country Gentlemen.  Dan and Linda lead a cappella.
13.    Gloryland  Trad.  Also many recordings of this great song.  Our favorite arrangement is Ralph Stanley’s (Zap Publishing Co).  Linda is angelic lead a cappella.
14.    Give Me Just a Little More Time  Trad. (E.C. Ball).  We heard it by a Canadian group, Finest Kind.  Bob leads, Jenny on harmonica, Dan guitar.
15.    Anchored in Love Divine  A.P. Carter.  Linda leads and hammer dulcimer; Dan and Jenny guitars.
16.    It Soon Be Done  Trad. Heard on Folk Legacy’s recording of the New Golden Ring, Five Day’s Singing, a source of many terrific songs.  Dan leads a cappella.
1.      Oh Susannah (Trad., Stephen Foster).  Neal Peck sets the mood with his own lively lap dulcimer arrangement and he leads the vocals.  Barb Milosevich on hammered dulcimer, Bob vocals and bass, Jenny and Dan vocals and guitars, Linda banjo and vocals.
2.     Lady of Autumn (Dave Webber, Dragon Records, Buckinghamshire).  Glorious harmonies from the defunct English group Beggar’s Velvet.  And they were every bit as good as we are!  Jenny, Linda, Dan and Bob a cappella.
3.     Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone? (A.P. Carter, Peer International).  Linda sings lead and plays lap dulcimer, Jenny guitar, Bob, Dan, and Jenny vocals.
4.     John of Dreams (tune Tchaikovsky, lyrics Bill Caddick, Rough Music).  Barb’s hammered dulcimer and Dan’s voice on a lullaby that won’t put you to sleep.  Jenny and Linda guitar back-up.
5.     Drunken Sailor (trad, recorded by Burl Ives).  Neal arranged this chantey for lap dulcimer and he leads the vocals. Dan vocals and guitar; Bob vocals and tea chest bass.  Mixed by the Daver, Joliet.
6.     Bright Morning Stars are Rising (trad).  Many versions of this gospel song abound.  Jenny plays Autoharp, Dan guitar, Linda, Bob, Jenny, Neal and Dan sing.
7.     Wildwood Flower (A.P. Carter, Peer International).  Neal’s unique lap dulcimer style and Jenny’s guitar give the song a shot of happiness.
8.     Our Darkness (Jacques Berthier, GIA Publications).  From Psalm 139, this caught our fancy at the first listen. Linda, Jenny, Dan and Bob a cappella.
9.     Lay Down Your Weary Tune (Bob Dylan, Special Rider Music).  Heard many years ago on a vinyl recording of the duo Jim and Jean. Linda arranged it for quartet and shares the lead with Dan.  Jenny Autoharp and vocals, Bob vocals, Dan guitar.
10.  Swing and Turn Jubilee (trad).  Origin unknown.  Many verses exist, from which Linda picked her favorites. She leads and plays lap dulcimer.  Jenny guitar, Dan spoons, and Bob on tea chest bass.  Vocals by Neal and the aforementioned.
11.    Three Fishers (words Charles Kingsley, music Garnet Rogers).  Neal heard Stan Rogers do his brother Garnet’s beautiful melody and worked up his own arrangement for voice and lap dulcimer, played here on a bass Blue Lion.
12.   Will Ye Nae Come Back Again (trad).  A Jacobite lament for Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Barb’s lovely classical arrangement is adapted from a Karen Ashbrook arrangement.
13.   Turkey in the Straw (trad).  Down-homed with Dan’s jaw harp, Bob’s tea chest bass, and Linda’s hammered dulcimer. Verses by Jenny and Bob with Linda, Dan and Neal on chorus, Jenny guitar.
14.   Sailor’s Prayer (Rod MacDonald, Blue Flute Music).  Inspired by Rod MacDonald’s dramatic recording, Dan leads, Bob is the trailing bass, and Jenny and Linda round it out.
15.    Greenland Whale Fisheries (trad; John and Alan Lomax).  Those of a certain vintage will recall the terrific version by Theo Bikel and Judy Collins at the 1963 Newport Folk Festival.  Linda guitar, Jenny harmonica, and vocals by Linda, Jenny, Dan, and Bob.
16.    Shenandoah/World of Misery (trad).  Folk-Legacy Records.  We tip our hats to Sandy and Caroline Paton at Folk-Legacy for bringing a wealth of traditional music to the world.  This West Indies sea chantey was discovered by Jack Stanesco and recorded on The New Golden Ring’s Five Days Singing.  Dan leads, Linda, Jenny, Bob, and Neal.  Mixed at Jasko’s High Tech Heaven, Joliet.
17.    Battle of New Orleans (Jimmy Driftwood, Warden Music).  A lighthearted history lesson led by Bob and Neal.  Barb hammered dulcimer, Jenny and Dan guitar and vocals, Linda banjo and vocals, Bob washboard.
1.      Travelin Shoes (2:19) Trad.  We build on the excellent arrangement by Mountain Heart.  Dan gets us a-movin' and a-steppin' as death comes a-knockin'.  We're glad you're coming along with us!
2.     Early (3:27) Greg Brown (Love Breeze Music): A peaceful walk in a small prairie town.  Dan lead, guitar and mandolin; Jenny Autoharp.
3.     Young and Tender Ladies-Shady Grove (2:51) Trad.  An 18th Century folk song warns young and tender maidens against the hazards of love.  But when Dan's wooing goes mountain-style, how can little Shady Grove resist?  Dan leads. Dan and Jenny guitars; Linda banjo; Bob tea chest bass.
4.     Hudson River Steamboat (2:48) John Allison (Stormking Music): Bob floats our boat past towns on the Hudson River.  Our arrangement is inspired by the Boarding Party, Folk Legacy.  Dan mandolin, Linda hammered dulcimer, Jenny guitar, Bob tea chest bass.
5.     Fast Freight (3:44) Terry Gilkyson (Elvis Presley Music; Hill & Range Songs):  Linda plays guitar and rides the rails along with Bob and Jenny.
6.     Torn Screen Door (1:37) David Francey (Laker Music):  Take a sad walk in this song by Canadian Francey.  But the quartet is happy singing it!  Dan leads.
7.     Hymn Song (3:56) Utah Phillips (On Strike Music): We're at home, here, with you.  Dan leads, Linda hammer dulcimer and guitar.
8.     Four Wet Pigs (2:10) Greg Brown by permission.  This song says it's okay – and maybe even lifesaving – for pigs to smoke, down on the farm.  Dan mandolin, Jenny harmonica, Linda guitar, Bob tea chest bass.
9.     Twa Corbies (1:58) Trad (Child 26):  Sometimes a walk in the woods is not just a walk in the woods.  A chilling story with gorgeous harmonies.  Watch out for the crows!  Lyrics from Minstrels of the Scottish Border (1803).  A cappella.
10.   Gold Watch and Chain (3:14) Maybelle Carter (Peer International Corp): Lost love leads us to a pawn shop.  Linda leads.  Dan guitar, Jenny Autoharp, Bob tea chest bass.
11.    Will Ye Go tae Flanders (3:06) Trad.  A Scottish antiwar song said to date from the Napoleonic Wars.  A cappella. Learned from a recording of Beggar's Velvet.
12.   San Antonio Rose (1:31) Bob Wills (Bourne Co.):  A happy song from the 1930's.  Jenny Autoharp lead, Dan guitar.
13.  Riders in the Sky (3:18) Stan Jones (Edwin H. Morris Co.):  While playing his guitar, Dan takes us on the trail for an eerie ride.  Bob tea chest bass.
14.   Scarborough Fair (2:32) Trad., harp arr. Sunita Staneslow (by permission):  Traditional ballad of the United Kingdom.  Dan solos; Linda plays lever harp.
15.   In the Jailhouse Now (3:16) Jimmie Rodgers (Peer International Corp.):  An old favorite made popular again in O Brother, Where Art Thou?  Dan leads and yodels us all to jail.  Dan guitar, Bob tea chest bass.
16.   Hearth and Fire (3:09) © 1980 Gordon Bok (BMI):  There's no place like home.  Linda leads us to our comfort zone with harp and guitar.
1.      Alibi (Mel Tillis; Universal – Songs of Polygram International).  Don’t mess with your alibi!  You might need her!  Dan leads, and Jenny, Linda, and Bob chip in where appropriate.  Dan mandolin, Linda hammered dulcimer, Jenny guitar, Bob bass.
2.     Bastity Chelt (Jasper Carrott; Universal - Songs of Polygram International).  An excellent exhibit of Spoonerisms, the eponymous malady suffered by William A. Spooner (1844-1930) which caused him to citch the swonsonants of waired pords.  We all take turns vinging serses.  Dan guitar.
3.     Four Wet Pigs (Greg Brown; by permission).  A moral lesson on the benefits of smoking.  Popular with audiences. Re-mixed for this CD. Linda guitar, Dan Mandolin, Jenny harmonica, Bob bass.
4.     Little Pigs Lie in the Best of Straw (Trad).  No commentary can do this song, or its singer, justice.  Just listen to Linda.
5.     The Eddystone Light (Trad).  Don’t mess with mermaids.  Jenny lead and guitar, Linda banjo.
6.     I Lobster But Never Flounder (Braddock & Braddock; Sony ATV).  If you catch all the fish puns, you get an A in piscatorial vocabulary.  Dan, Bob, and Jenny demonstrate their pundamentals.  Dan guitar.
7.     Deaf Woman's Courtship (Trad).  Jenny and Bob show that courting has no age limits.  Dan mandolin, Linda guitar.
8.     Doctor Dan (Joan Kennedy, Joe Corbo).  A very clever song led by Linda.  Still funny even though liposuction has been superseded by higher-tech weight loss methods.  Dan guitar.
9.     Hot Dog Song (Arrogant Worms).  Listen to this one just before eating a hot dog!  Jenny leads and guitar, Bob bass.
10.   Dem Deer (Lou and Peter Berryman).  If you have had an encounter with a deer on the highway, this song is for you.  Bob leads a cappella, Jenny eggs.
11.    Tuna Casserole (Garrison Keillor; PHC/MPR).  This is a classic song by a classic storyteller.  A crowd pleaser at church luncheons. Linda, Jenny, Bob sing; Linda guitar, Jenny Autoharp.
12.   Please Don't Bury Me (John Prine; WB Music Corp. OBO Walden Music).  Another classic.  Dan solo and guitar.
13.    The Blackfly Song (Wade Hemsworth; Songs of Peer, Ltd. (ASCAP)).  If you have ever been in rural Ontario, or Minnesota, or U.P. Michigan in the spring, you will understand.  Linda and Bob duet, Linda guitar.
14.   Country Gardens (Trad; fourth verse by Diane Elliott, Bolingbrook, IL).  A dear music friend of ours wrote the fourth verse to this old charmer.  Enjoy!  Jenny and Linda duet, Linda hammered dulcimer, Jenny guitar and harmonica.
15.    The Twelve Days After Christmas (Frederick Silver; Alfred Pub. Co.).  A seasonal favorite beginning after all the presents have been opened.  All sing, Dan guitar.