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Meet the Band

Linda Nachtrieb ("KNOCK-treeb")  A registered nurse by education, Linda's love of music has led her to sing in church and secular choirs, perform in intercultural music exchanges, and provide comfort music for patients in hospice and other medical settings.   She plays guitar, hammered and lap dulcimers, banjo, bowed psaltery, and lever harp.  Linda was a docent at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., lecturing on American folk instruments and songs.  She has entertained local and expatriate audiences with similar programs for the U.S. Information Agency.  Linda is the recording engineer for the band's CDs.

Check out some friends of ours!


Lyon Farm is a fabulous museum of farming in Yorkville, Kendall County, Illinois, and a wonderful venue for musical performances.  It's well worth a visit even when we aren't performing there!

The South Suburban Dulcimer and Folk Music Society meets monthly in Park Forest, Illinois.  It's a very fun group of people who love folk music and dulcimers.  If you are looking for some people with whom to share some music, give them a try!

Stay Tuned String Band

Jenny Skul ("school")  had a full career teaching in the elementary school district in Joliet where she used music extensively in her classrooms.  Jenny plays guitar, Autoharp, hammered and lap dulcimers, harmonica, and bowed psaltery, and sings with a rich alto voice.  With a natural ear for harmony, she has sung in numerous choirs and musical groups and plays guitar with the South Suburban Dulcimer and Folk Music Society based in Park Forest and the Joliet Dulcimer Club.

Dan Knutson ("Kanootson") and his wife Sheila live in rural Illinois and are renovating a one hundred fifty year old farmhouse.  Dan's mellow baritone voice has earned him a large following of folks who want to hear more.  He led the folk Mass at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Joliet in his youth and adult years and performed, hosted and provided sound amplification for well over a decade at bluegrass jams during winter months in northern Illinois.  Dan sings lead for the Stay Tuned String Band and plays six and twelve string lead guitar and mandolin.  He founded the Bottom Line bluegrass band and was a member of the Just Us bluegrass band.  

        Dan                      Linda                       Jenny                  Bob

Bob Nachtrieb ("KNOCK-treeb")  Bob's bass vocals provide a firm foundation for the band's music.  Acting as the band's emcee, his offbeat sense of humor keeps concerts lively.  Bob spent all of his savings on instruments for his wife, Linda.  He plays a tea chest bass (like a washtub bass but constructed of a $2.17 Indian tea shipping crate).

Some History  Stay Tuned members are four music lovers who got together a couple of years before the 20th century clicked over to the 21st in order to make music together.    Years of weekly practice, shared food and fellowship have brought us close to "family" status.  We bicker, make up and tease like siblings and know instinctively just how each of the others will produce a note or tone.

We enjoy singing at home as much as in public venues and choose only music which tickles the heart or funny bone.  Our hope is that you will find our music to your own liking, too!